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Costa Rica During the Holiday Season

We are back from our second trip to Costa Rica. I should say we have been back from our second trip for about a year now, but I'm finally getting around to write about it! This one was 10 days during the holiday season (dry season). We visited Monteverde, Manual Antonio, and the Osa Peninsula. Well, traveling during the holiday season certainly was different. Can't say we'd do it again. One thing that is nice is that you do have very cooperative (non-rainy) weather, so it makes doing outdoor things less messy. However, for us, that is probably the only good thing. We did not enjoy the crowds, especially in Monteverde and Manual Antonio, that accompany the peak season. It made driving difficult; you needed reservations for popular tours; and it just felt like you weren't really on vacation. (The Osa Peninsula's remoteness pretty much insulates you from the crowds, so if we had no choice but to go during the holiday season again, we'd just go to the Osa.) Furthe

Costa Rica: Notes & Things To Help You Plan a Trip

Where & When To Go We had 15 days for our first trip. Looking back at our itinerary, quite a lot of time was spent in car rides and flights and waiting for flights, and we could have done some of this differently to make the most out of our time. However, we wanted to experience all of the different regions (and did a pretty good job - the only one we missed was the Caribbean coast). Where you go depends on your interests and the pace at which you want your vacation to go. (You can read over my previous posts that are divided up by region in the link at bottom of page.) As far as when you go, if you don't mind crowds, and you have the money, go during the peak season (mid December to late April). If you don't mind getting a little wet, prefer less crowds, and would like to save a bit of money (or use this saved money to stay in nicer places), go during the "green" (rainy) season (May to mid-November). We had read that during the wet season, rains are usually