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Sunset Tour at Bosque del Cabo

December 30, 2009 We signed up for the Sunset Tour the first night we were there. It's a relatively short walking tour of the grounds near the restaurant, that occurs right before dinner. It is astounding that we have no idea what is really going on out there in the darkness. Unless, of course, we venture out - with a knowledgeable guide - and see it for ourselves. I mean, we could have just as easily not signed up for this tour and headed straight to dinner, complacent but completely unaware of all the activity and wonder that was happening around us... blue moon We met up with Philip Davison, the resident biologist and ever-so-knowledgeable tour guide, with flashlights in hand and - under a  blue moon  - off we went into the darkness... The first stop was at some palms, under which the tent-making bats  will sometimes roost. Tent-making bats! (I got so excited!) Bosque del Cabo has tent-making bats! We didn't see any though, only evidence that these palms were once

Bosque del Cabo Lapa

We arrived at Bosque del Cabo and were given our welcome drinks and our introduction to the rainforest lodge. Since we arrived before check-in, we had to wait a bit for our room, but we had lunch in the meantime. Afterwards, we settled into our private deluxe bungalow, Lapa. All of the classic and deluxe bungalows are perched on a cliffside, a short walking distance from the restaurant and pool areas. The back of the bungalow - with its wrap-around deck and lower observation deck - overlooks the ocean with absolutely breathtaking views! True to our bungalow's name, about the time we arrived was about the time the scarlet macaws ( Lapa ) arrived in the trees outside our bungalow. (These guys can be quite loud! But, that's what they do. I welcomed the photo opportunities! They are literally right there.) The inside of the bungalow perfectly brought the allure of the outside in, with its doors that opened to nature. When lying down in bed, the view was such that the

Bosque del Cabo

  ariel view of Cabo Matapalo © Roy Toft Bosque del Cabo is a rainforest lodge situated at the very tip of the Osa Peninsula on a 500 foot bluff -  Cabo Matapalo -  that overlooks where the Golfo Dulce meets the Pacific Ocean. It's a 700+ wildlife reserve and has been an owner-operated hotel since 1990. The grounds were a former farm, and the land that was cleared for farming is now a large wildlife-attracting botanical garden and the grounds on which the lodge sits. The lodge's grounds are open, well-manicured and full of activity with its wildlife inhabitants. It is surrounded by primary and secondary rainforest (this makes up 90-95% of the reserve), creeks, waterfalls and is bordered by the ocean. Bosque del Cabo serves as a wildlife corridor from Matapalo point in the south up towards Corcovado National Park . Most of the proceeds from BDC go to purchasing more land in the area to protect it. Today 3/4 of the Osa Peninsula is either national park or forest reserve! It is

The Flight & Drive to Bosque del Cabo

December 30, 2009 Woke at 5:30, got ready, got picked up and dropped off at the Quepos airport (7000 colones). We're waiting for the flight now. Pulled my breakfast cheese (the leftover chunk) and gatorade out of my bag. The Quepos to San José stretch was BUMPY! I was nauseous the whole way. The San José to Puerto Jiménez portion was not as bad, though I had my eyes closed for nearly all of it. (My husband took the pictures.) nearing Puerto Jiménez    the gorgeous Osa coastline  the cemetery greeting  At the airport we were greeted by our driver, Eric, a cool and friendly guy. I got to ride in the front seat. (Or I should say get bounced around in the front seat on those crazy roads.) He'd be driving us into the jungle in a Land Rover with a couple from Baltimore, who were meeting up with another couple at Bosque del Cabo. Eric stopped at the supermarket to pick up some supplies. At this point I was thinking, oh God, what if Bosque del Cabo is disastrous? But t