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Bosque del Cabo Early Bird & Monkey Tour

January 3, 2010

The Early Bird & Monkey Tour started at 6:30 am. (We held up the group a few minutes, as we were a bit late.) This was a walking tour on Bosque del Cabo's grounds with Carlos as guide.

Carlos with his telescope

I was side-tracked by the banana tree


We did see a lot more birds than this one above; it's just that I couldn't photograph them because I don't have a proper zoom lens for it. (By the way, binoculars are a must.) And, sadly, my bird identification skills are still somewhat at a 2 year old level; and, thus, all I can tell you of the above is: "bird."

Also, today at least, the tour was more bird than monkey.

a little squirrel monkey looking very picturesque

Carlos spotted something in the trunk of this tree

a mated pair of scarlet macaws in their nest

Afterwards, we had a quick breakfast, then it was time for horseback riding at 9 am.

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