Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bosque del Cabo Palma

January 3, 2010
After the horseback riding, it was time for lunch, so we ate and discussed what to do with the rest of the day. We were muddy, dusty and tired from the horseback riding. We had talked about hiking to the beach this afternoon, but I proposed we take showers, relax and read, and Nick agreed. We said goodbye to the couple from California; they were leaving BDC today, heading to Tortuguero, on the opposite coast.

Today, our 5th day here, we had to switch to another room, Palma. (We knew this when we made the reservation.) Palma was also a deluxe bungalow but with stucco construction, and instead of one king bed, it additionally had two more beds in the loft, which would make it ideal for a family. We stayed in Palma two nights. Overall, everything was more spacious. It was nice in a different way. However, it being just the two of us, we preferred Lapa over Palma. (Keep in mind that the staff will do their best to accommodate your room choice, but they can't guarantee it, of course.)

the loft

view from the bed

spacious bathroom

outdoor shower

back of the cabina

the deck

As I was taking the shot below, a wasp or an ant stung my little toe. It burned and throbbed like CRAZY!! This happened just as I had an excellent spider monkey photographic opportunity, but I had to put the camera down and tend to my little toe.

contemplative spider monkey 

Later in the afternoon, we started getting our stuff together to make the packing easier later. Then we went to the bar, where we had some drinks. After that, it was off to dinner...

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