Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Night at Bosque del Cabo

January 3, 2010

lizard in our outdoor shower

inside of the restaurant at night

dinner by candlelight

gigantic gecko on the restaurant roof beam

katydid on our umbrella pole

a sampling of the buffet selections

We skipped dessert on our last night so that we could take care of paying our bill, figuring out tips, packing and getting to bed early-ish. We would have loved to say goodbye to everyone individually, but we just didn't have the time. We gave the front desk a tip envelope of cash with a note on how to distribute it.

Around bedtime, the power went out and stayed out until some time in the morning. (You are warned that this inevitably happens from time to time. All electricity here is produced via a generator.) Unfortunately that meant we couldn't use the fan. Unfortunately also, the crickets were out in abundance this night, and the 3-sided bed-netting was not helping one bit. My husband had trouble sleeping because the crickets were freaking him out. I had to rescue him several times during the night by de-cricketing the bed.

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