about the photos...

The photographs with credits contained in this blog have been used with the kind permission of their owners, for which I am very grateful. (Or they have been given proper attribution per instruction.) Please exercise that same respect when using other people's photos.

If you wish to use a photograph from this blog that has a photo credit ("photo by so-and-so"), you must get permission from the photographer. If they are on flickr, SmugMug, etc., I will usually provide a link to their photos, and from there you can contact them. If not, just do a search for his/her name and email them. Sorry but I don't have time to answer these requests, and I cannot give permission for photos on this blog that are not mine.

However, should you want to use one of my photographs - the ones without credits, unless otherwise noted - please write to me for permission: hey at hey little bat (all one word) dot net.